Why Great Storytelling in Advertising Will Always Be Crucial to the Success of Any Campaign

Everyone loves a great story. Numerous studies over the years have proven that our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than the cold, hard facts. The average person consumes about 100,000 digital words every single day, and according to this infographic from OneSpot, a content marketing platform, 92 percent of consumers want to internalize words in the form of a story.

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Conversion Marketing

The Art of Saying Something to Someone Rather Than Nothing to Everyone with VDS Founder Carl Dene

Having been an expert in conversion marketing for the past 17 years, I know that conversions are the lifeblood of any campaign, and data and content are key to a successful strategy. Without these vital components, a marketing strategy would consist solely of “Buy Now,” “Apply Today,” and “RSVP ASAP.” These tactics may work to draw quick results, but in order to achieve lasting outcomes, you need to tightly align your content and data.

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Awards, Events, Internet Marketing

VDS Attends Impact17 Conference in Las Vegas September 28-29

Conferences and industry events are incredibly valuable for today’s marketers. We are dependent on finding insight and inspiration from the world beyond our business in order to drive innovation and discover new meaning for our clients and their customers. Where else can you gain access to some of the greatest minds and schools of thought in our space and connect directly with movers and shakers, partners, and leads at the same time?
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Introducing: Videre, Volume 1 – The Beauty Edition

VDS is thrilled to announce our inaugural Videre publication! We’ve wanted to do something in print for years, but decided to wait until we had the right people and the right moment to launch something spectacular. Rather than crafting another case study bogged down by numbers and graphs, we decided to enter the publishing game and create our own in-house magazine.

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